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We strive to be the premier Swiss think tank for the future of luxury management and the advisor of choice for luxury managers.


Digitalization, global mobility, social inequalities, and increasingly eco-conscious shoppers are transforming consumer culture.

Luxury previously represented capital-intense material consumption. Nowadays, it takes a more immaterial, fluid form. This contemporary vision of luxury encompasses peak experiences, quality time, health, freedom, beauty, popularity, connoisseurship, and self-improvement – or, simply put, happiness. 

The outcome? The pillars of traditional luxury management and marketing are being challenged by start-ups, seeking to disrupt the status quo and younger generation consumers

The Swiss Center for Luxury Research exists to cherish and challenge the gilded standards of the past while ushering in a new era of luxury.

Our Mission



Enhance Switzerland’s visibility and capability in luxury innovation and even the playing field with France, Germany, and Italy.



Monitor large-scale societal developments to predict the direction of consumer behavior and industry trends. 



Inform and encourage innovation in managerial practices through first-hand academic research.



Create future-orientated graduate and postgraduate programs for the next generation of luxury managers.

who are we?

Based in Switzerland at University of Lausanne (HEC).

The Swiss Center for Luxury Research brings together experts from esteemed academic institutions to establish a hub for future leaders of luxury management. 

Switzerland has a long history as a home to global wealth and assets and a leader in the opulent watchmaking and hospitality industries. Our center’s proximity to Europe’s key luxury good powerhouses in France, Italy, and Germany ensures the perfect location for public-private academic collaboration around luxury research.

Felicitas Morhart

Founder SCLR


Our quest to become the leading think tank for luxury business intelligence has aligned us with many elite academic institutions, brands, and media agencies. 

We are privileged to call the following organizations our intellectual and strategic partners in the collective journey to drive the luxury industry forward. 

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Partners Past and Present

academic institutions

Reto Hofstetter

Bruno Kocher

Lucia Malar

Nicolas Le Moigne

Sandor Czellar

Felicitas Morhart

Francine Peterson

Nadzeya Sabatini

Fabio Duma

Florent Girardin

Torsten Tomczak

Philipp Scharfenberger

Sven Reinecke

Benjamin Berghaus

Barbara Czyzewska

Eleonora Cattaneo

Nicoletta Giusti


Recent years have seen the Swiss Center for Luxury Research host several outstanding conferences and competitions in collaboration with digital media platform Luxury Tribune.

These events allowed us to shine a spotlight on topics ranging from societal issues and their influence on our industry to the desires of the new generations and evolving luxury rituals.


We welcome luxury firms, technology service providers, academic institutions, consulting companies, and NGOs to join THE INDEX.

THE INDEX is the world’s first academic-led public-private partnership measuring transparency and traceability initiatives across the luxury sector. We focus on technologies providing enhanced product security and data. 

Collaborate by sharing your commitment towards transparency and help the Swiss Center for Luxury Research create a safer, more sustainable planet.


With Deloitte, we are streaming Luxury on Air Podcast series – Understanding what’s on the horizon in the luxury industry. Luxury on Air is a must listen for those who want to understand what’s on the horizon in the luxury industry. The series explores the trends in innovations and personalities that define and
redefine the luxury industry. Delving into the real-world theoretical and strategic implications of running and growing luxury brands, this podcast brings together global thought leaders, academics, business leaders, brands, and retailers.

Which is a podcast series animated by Felicitas Morhart and Karine Szegedi from Deloitte. Felicitas and Karine are combining their knowledge of the luxury industry from two very different perspec-tives: the worlds of consulting and academia.


Luxury on Air has welcomed renowned speakers from global watch brands, automobile manufacturers, fashion houses, high-end retailers, and prestigious universities. Simply a must-listen for anyone eager to understand what’s on the horizon for the luxury industry. 


Unique and timely, the comprehensive Research Handbook on Luxury Branding explores the existing body of academic knowledge while offering direction for future research and management in the luxury industry. With contributions from an international team of top-level researchers, this is a profound analysis of the changes shaping the future of luxury.

Chapters consider the socioeconomic, psychological, technological, and political shifts in consumers’ desires and purchase practices around luxury products. The multi-method, cross-disciplinary approach provides concrete research avenues and outlines future management challenges.

This handbook will be critical reading for marketing, branding, and advertising students looking for an overview of the field of luxury branding research. It acts as a helpful reference tool for scholars to generate research ideas and provides practical guidance to managers of luxury brands.


F. Bardhi, A. Basu Monga, L.S. Beitelspacher, R. Belk, S. Crener, S. Czellar, D. Dahlhoff, D. Dubois, G.M. Eckhardt, D. Goor, D. Grewal, H. Hagtvedt, K. Hung, A. Keinan, R.V. Kozinets, G. Laurent, L. Malär, F. Morhart, M. Pandelaere, V.M. Patrick, A.L. Roggeveen, E. Samsioe, B. Schmitt, E. Schweiger, L.J. Shrum, A.T. Stephen, D.K. Tse, L.M. Visconti, Y. Wang, K. Wilcox, J.L. Zaichkowsky, J. Zhang

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Our students – and constant inspiration – at the University of Lausanne have honoured our traditions by passionately scrutinizing the societal issues and movements that transform our sector. In recent years, our academic body has collaborated to produce progressive analyses on the evolution of the luxury industry.

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